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UAV formation flight show
Innovation of air media

Take the sky as the curtain, the city as the scenery, the culture as the soul and the creativity as the soul

The changeable shape of UAV in the air makes the light show shine in a new space

Since then, not only fireworks, but also UAV formation performance, a new media form, can bloom in the air

It can support 6000 UAVs to take off at the same time, simulate dynamic bionic design and programming, close the distance between UAVs, high precision RTK centimeter level accurate positioning

At present, the team has successfully completed more than 4000 error free UAV formation performance projects, presenting 3D light and shadow shows in the night sky of more than 110 cities around the world

  • Two working days

  • Safe flight

  • Hour flight experience

  • Smooth take-off and landing of sorties

Technical advantages

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